Anti-Theft Lead splitter laid on a white background
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Introducing the World's Only Anti-Theft Lead (Leash) Splitter.

If you are an owner of multiple dogs or a dog walker, you know the issues that come with walking more than one dog. Now we have a solution.

This isn’t your standard lead splitter though, this has all the anti-theft features safelysecured® has become famous for.

  • It's made of extra strong 24mm (1") wide Smooth Nylon.
  • 1.5mm stainless steel wire reinforced design, to stop opportunistic thieves from cutting through the splitter.
  • Includes a strong 45mm 1.8" Chrome ring, providing ease of movement for both of the dogs and a useful point to lock your dogs up with.
  • Fully adjustable allowing for use on different sized dogs and breeds.
  • Includes 2 safelysecured red combination locks, one on either end of the splitter.

Don’t let your dog fall victim to thieves. Give yourself peace of mind that when you have to leave your dogs outside, they WILL be safelysecured.

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Stainless steel wire reinforced design

What makes the safelysecured Splitter so special?

Well, it's the fact our Splitter is the only one in the world with anti-theft features.

As with our lead and harness, we have hidden 1.5mm thick, stainless steel wire, inside the nylon, to stop opportunistic thieves from cutting through them.

2 red combination locks as standard!

It wouldn’t be a safelysecured product without the inclusion of 2 of our famous red combination locks.

Use these to lock onto your dogs harness or collar.

For extra security we do recommend you pair the splitter with a safelysecured harness or collar.

Adjustable Straps to fit all dog breeds.

As we know, not all dogs are the same size, and not all dog owners have 2 of the same breed.

Because of this we have designed this splitter to be adjustable.

Now you can walk your Great Dane and Toy Poodle together on one lead!

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