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Anti-Theft Leads, Collars and Harnesses to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

Our Mission

We are a brand that lives up to our name. Our products are easy-to-use, durable and comfortable for your pups. safelysecured’s patent-pending sturdy design keeps your pet safe from prying hands so that you can shop, eat and relax wherever you go, stress-free!

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Why are safelyproducts so effective?

Why are safelysecured
products so effective?

What appears to be regular pet products, actually have a surprise lurking beneath them. All of our products have a 1.5mm stainless steel stitched inside them, which is the secret weapon that stops opportunistic thieves from taking your precious pooch away! 

Stainless steel

Water Resistant

1.5mm Thickness

We've even made it on TV!

Here's Matt (and Wilson the puppy) on Channel 9 News talking to Reid Butler about the range of anti-theft products we produce.

A few times now!

Here's Matt talking about why Dog theft is increasing, the rising cost of puppy's online and why safelysecured™ has been launched to help out dog owners worldwide.

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Give yourself and your dog
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