Cant you just cut the lead collar or harness?

This is a popular one! Short answer, no, well not unless you take bolt cutters to it which isn’t really discreet. We have had 2mm steel wire stitched into each product, to stop opportunistic thieves trying to cut it off with a knife.  

Couldn’t I just unclip the collar and slip it over the dogs head?

No, I have designed the collar so that once the lock is attached, you are unable to remove it. This is a revolutionary design that hasn’t been done before, and it currently in the Patent application process! Im looking forward to showing you the collar once I get approval!

What colours do they come in?

The lead, collar and harness will first come in Midnight Black, with the plans to release additional colours later on in the year. Each Lead will come with 2 red locks, with the opportunity to purchase additional locks in different colours.

Is dog theft really a ‘thing’

Unfortunately yes, and the rate of theft is rising. In the US up to two million animals are stolen each year. Only about 10% are ever returned home. UK and Australia - although lower due to less population, also suffer the same worrying problem.