[Premium Quality Anti-Theft Dog Lead & Harness Online]-Safely Secured
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image of a dog harness

The World's First
Anti-Theft Dog Harness!

All the complicated straps and binding gets on your dog’s nerves (and consequently, yours).

That's why our comfy step-in, anti-theft harness allows you to quickly attach it to your dog and be out the door in no time. No more fussing around with complicated straps!

They come in 17 different sizes and fit dogs as small as Chihuahuas and as large as Golden Retrievers.

We hate making pups uncomfortable and jittery! That’s why our breathable mesh fabric is perfect for all seasons, lightweight and comfortable for your dog.

image of the buckle

Double D Ring Buckle 

Each harness includes a Double D Ring buckle for additional strength and safety lock to avoid accidental release.

safelysecured is expertly designed to keep your pet as relaxed, snuggly and safe as possible. 

Why is the safelysecured Harness so Effective?

Why is the safelysecured Harness so Effective?

They may look like regular dog harnesses, but there is a surprise lurking beneath them.

Our patent-pending harness has 1.5mm stainless steel stitched inside them. Who could have guessed? This is the secret weapon that helps stop opportunistic thieves from taking away your precious pooch!

With safelysecured, you will never have to worry about losing your beloved canines—not the teeth—again. 

1 Year Warranty

Stainless steel

Water Resistant

1.5mm Thickness

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